Series 200AM

Max Operating Pressure - PSI

Max Compression Phase - LPM

Max Operating Temperature °C

Max Oxygen Supply - PSI

External Lenght - mm

External Width - mm

External Height - mm

Max Isopression Phase - LPM

Weight - Kg

Internal Volume - m3



We know that pets at home also require care, many times their health can be affected by diseases or physical problems that may present over the years.

The hyperbaric therapy that can be performed with our CARLIFE Series 200AM makes the animals can recover successfully, since they receive 100% pure oxygen under pressure with which their body reacts favorably.

Our model is cylindrical and has a control panel at the top for easy handling, it has the international certifications to be able to provide total security to the pet.

The hyperbaric chambers are adapted in the best way to take the patient the hyperbaric oxygen therapy and give solution to diseases or injuries that were previously more complicated to solve, excellent product.

Dr. Raúl Aguado

Especialista en Medicina Hiperbárica y Subacuática, Universidad de Barcelona

World-class football players such as Cristiano Ronaldo have undergone this treatment to accelerate their recovery process, seeking to repair their tissues, and enhance the body’s natural systems.


Diario Deportivo

There are cases where a dog, after having suffered an accident by anesthesia where it lost the view, managed to recover it with the hyperbaric medicine, passing through an approximate of 30 treatments of hyperbaric oxygen, stimulating the growth of stem cells.

Medicina Veterinaria