We know you’ve heard more than one person say, I’m stressed !, and it’s because currently having more than one job, or running two races is very usual but with a huge load.

Stress is generated by the sum of many factors that alter the level of cortisol in your body, which is the hormone that controls and regulates many functions in the body like blood pressure, hours of sleep and may even influence the People’s moods.

Which causes cortisol to be at a very high level lower the body’s defenses, causes insomnia and alterations in glucose levels.

For these reasons we bring you some methods or strategies to reduce stress levels in everyday life and enjoy full health.

Estrategies to combat stress: 

Sleep: The body needs every day to recover from all tragedy, which is why sleeping enough is very important to keep cortisol low, scientific studies say that sleeping for 8 hours each day keeps the body awake and active for any activity; If this time of sleep is not respected, it is certain that your cortisol will increase by 50%.

Laugh: Laughter produces a generalized sense of well-being in the body and benefits health at different levels, both physical and psychological. It relaxes a great amount of muscles of the body and reduces the stress immensely.

Silence y Meditation: Silence and meditation is a luxury that we must give every so often, turn off your cell phone, the television, short communication with your social circle for a moment and maintain a state of tranquility without any distraction generates a reduction in cortisol levels According to studies from the University of Thailand.

Friendship: Going out with friends, and spending time with them is a way to reduce stress levels very effectively. Since stress is often generated by the daily routine, friends are generators of laughter, and are responsible for the deviation of responsibilities that one keeps in your mind generating a high level of stress.